Pop Concrete Grout Mix (Pallet)

Pop Concrete Grout Mix (Pallet)

$2,650.00 $2,900.00

Pop Concrete's Grout Mix is a unique mix of White Silica Fume, White Cement, and GFRC Admix. A quick and convenient way to make up a grout to fill any pinholes and repair any chips. 




  • Includes Trinic’s GFRC Admix
  • Consistent results every time
  • Save time in weighing up several individual materials
  • White base to make true blacks and more vivid colours
  • Use part bags if needed


  • Weigh out required amount of Pop Grout Mix
  • Add 272 mL of water (approx. 0.28 W/C ratio) per 1kg (or match to the water ratio used in your GFRC mix)
  • 19.4 kg of Cementitious product
  • Add colour pigment as required
  • Mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer
  • Use Trinic's Plasticiser to get a more fluid consistency if required