Blastrac BDC-133 M Class Dust Collector

Blastrac BDC-133 M Class Dust Collector


The Blastrac BDC-133M is a heavy duty dust collection system completely M-class certified. The BDC-133M is ideally suited for use with medium size shot blasting, grinding, polishing and scarifying machines. It comes equipped as standard with an M-class star filter and with a Longopac bagging system, which is easy to mount and handle. Because of this system, there is no contact between the operator and the dust, creating a safe working environment.



  • M-class certified dust collector
  • Only available with the Longopac system
  • Easy to clean using the manual hand shaker
  • Up & Down system (transport & working positions)
dustcollector 390 M³/H | 211 HPA | 3 independent motors
weight 73 kg
dimensions Transport position: 800 mm | 600 mm | 1.300 mm 
Working position: 800 mm | 600 mm | 1.650 mm
filters M-class star filter | Manual shaker on side
power 3 kW | 230 V | 50/60 Hz | 13 A
diameterhose Ø51 mm | Ø76 mm
bigbag Endless bagging system | Adjustable capacity up to 25 kg
surface Medium size Grinders, Shot blasters and Scarifiers

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