Blastrac BPS-LP-0125 Pre-Separator

Blastrac BPS-LP-0125 Pre-Separator


The BPS-LP-0125 has been especially designed to work in combination with the BDC-122 Blastrac dust collector. This pre-separator can triple the lifetime of the BDC-122 filters because it captures up to 97,5% of dust (measurement made with 2 meters dust hose between the BDC-122 dust collector and the BPS-LP-0125 pre-separator). It also prevents reduction in the suction performance of the dust collector. The Blastrac BPS-LP-0125 is equipped with a Longopac bagging system, which is easy to mount and handle. Thanks to this system, the operators have no more contact with the dust in their direct vicinity.

For a safe, dust free and perfectly clean jobsite Blastrac has designed a full range of consumables and optional items to get the best possible results out of your dust collector and pre-separator.

weight 87 kg
dimensions Transport position: 891 mm | 700 mm | 1.581 mm 
Working position: 891 mm | 700 mm | 1.961 mm
diameterhose Ø100 mm
bigbag Endless bagging system | Adjustable capacity up to 25 kg
surface Medium size grinders, shot blasters and scarifiers

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