Imer Spin 15a Continuous Mixer (Single Phase)

Imer Spin 15a Continuous Mixer (Single Phase)


The Imer Spin 15a is the ultimate replacement for the hand held mixer, this continuous mixer will produce 15 - 18 litres per minute and can be cleaned in under 5 minutes. The unique design allows for dry power material to be placed in the hopper and the machine feeds it via an auger into the mixing chamber where the water is added. The material will flow from the outlet consistently all day as long as dry material is in the hopper. The benefit of this system is the consistency of the mortar mix as the water is regulated and once set every bucket will be the same.

The Imer Spin 15a will mixed most pre-blended powers that only require water, acrylic renders, bagged floor screed, fireproofing products.


  • Ergonomic controls
  • Patented IMER gear motor with direct transmission for high performance
  • In combination with a plaster sprayer or mortar pump, it can form a single mixing and pumping unit
  • Maximum safety for the operator: the automatic mixing lock is enabled when the mixing chamber is removed, in observance of EC regulations
  • Adjustable height (950,1095 and 1165mm)
  • High motor torque for optimum start-up with full load
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and maintain
  • Easy to transport thanks to low bulk and weight, and to the perfect balance of the machine.
  • Easy thermal insulation system - Spin 15A can be supplied with a dedicated mixing kit and combined with a mortar pump i.e. Small 50 for mixing and pumping non-stop fine mortar and smoothing products. 


For mixing quickly

  • Premixed plasters
  • Masonry mortars
  • Self-levelling materials
  • Premixed materials in bags for conventional floor-screeds
  • Fine mortar for laying thermal insulation systems and tiles (with dedicated optional kit)

In combination with a plaster sprayer or mortar pump, it can form a single mixing and pumping unit.

Standard Equipment:

  • Single-phase motor 240V - 1.4 kW
  • Hopper with bag-breaker galvanized grid
  • Removable mixing chamber
  • Mixing shaft with wear-resistant steel paddles
  • Electric control panel
  • Water system
  • Water pump
  • 10m water hose with quick couplings
  • Packing: in cardboard

Optional Accessories:

  • Litre counter
  • Fine mortar mixing kit