O-Mega by CCI Concrete Benchtop Sealer 710ml

O-Mega by CCI Concrete Benchtop Sealer 710ml


O-Mega by CCI Concrete Benchtop Sealer 710ml (includes syringes)

A best seller for a reason - meet the revolutionary, high performance urethane sealer that is also fast and easy to apply. O-Mega allows you to do in 2 hours what used to take 2 days with other urethane sealers.

O-Mega is a unique two-component, water-borne aliphatic-polyurethane that is highly reactive and not dependent on humidity to cure. It rolls on quickly and easily without worrying about streaks or bubbles in the final finish. The finish is ready for light use as fast as one day after application.

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Your sealer woes are finally over.


  • Excellent acid resistance
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Suitable for outdoor use – UV stable
  • Suitable for wet use in tubs, showers, sinks


  • Very low sheen for a natural appearance
  • Colour enhancing – more colour enhancing than other sealers
  • Low build, no plastic look

Ease of Use

  • Easy application with a roller, no sprayer required
  • Extremely forgiving, flows out without streaks or roller marks
  • Fast application – seal in hours, not days
  • Not dependent on humidity to cure
  • Can be used on any concrete countertop mix – not dependent on mix design for performance
  • Can be used to reseal projects done with other concrete countertop sealers (please contact us for specifics)

End User Features

  • Excellent stain, acid, abrasion and scratch resistance
  • No maintenance or reapplication needed
  • Easy to clean with standard non-abrasive household cleaners
  • Heat resistant up to 260 C
  • Food safe and non-toxic 
  • Low VOC

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