Render, Grout, Leveling, Mortar Pump and Sprayer Imer Step 120 (3 Phase)

Render, Grout, Leveling, Mortar Pump and Sprayer Imer Step 120 (3 Phas


The Imer Step 120 screw pump is well suited for large job sites it has high flow volume and long pumping distance. The Step 120 runs on Three Phase and is designed for even the toughest working conditions. The Step 120 is suitable for the following applications Spraying Premixed Acrylic Render, Spraying Traditional Sand and Cement Render, Spraying Fireproofing Products, Pumping Non - Shrink Grouts, Floor Levelling Mortars, Remedial Works, Small Shotcrete Applications with a grain size of 8mm, Block filling concrete grain size 8mm.


  • Very high material flow rate, long pump distance
  • High pumpable grain size
  • High capacity hopper provided with a vibrating grid: loading height fitted for being charged with a traditional concrete mixer
  • Maximum safety for the operator: automatic stop of the paddles rotation and all moving parts if the protection grille or the vibrating riddle is removed.
  • Step 120 machine can be provided with a planetary mixer (optional) to mix quickly traditional mortar and pre-mixed plasters, making an integrated mixing and pumping unit


  • Spraying traditional render and premixed render
  • Spraying Concrete repair mortars for remedial works
  • Spraying Gypsum & Cement Based Fireproofing Products
  • Pumping Self-Levelling Mortars & Compounds
  • Pumping non-shrink construction grouts
  • Shotcrete with grainsize of 8mm
  • Block Filling concrete grain size 8mm

Standard Equipment:

  • Electric supply panel with standard pneumatic remote control and arranged for electric remote control
  • Motor 3,6/4,8 KW for three-phase dual speed
  • Stator and rotor for traditional mortar (IM 25L)
  • Spraying gun for traditional/premixed mortar
  • Vibrating grid
  • 310 l/min compressor
  • 30m (20+10) of hose Ø 35 for material with cam couplings
  • 31m of air hose Ø 13 with quick couplings
  • Box of accessories for traditional mortar spraying

Optional Accessories:

  • Planetary mixer (motor 1,1 KW - 400V) 120 litre output per batch 90 Litre
  • Grid for premixed materials
  • Electric remote control with 33 m cable.
  • Rotor and Screw for premixed plasters (2L6).
  • Rotor and Screw for self-levelling screed (60.12).
  • Injection kit (spraying gun + pressure gauge+ pressure switch)
  • Tow bar at adjustable height + lighting equipment for towing on the road (only in countries where it is allowed)